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Being a part of YOUTHINK magazine has really given me some great opportunities. One of these opportunities was the chance to sit down and have an interview with the first Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila. It took place on November 3rd, 2008 and we met at a hotel in Coal Harbor and we sat and talked in the restaurant. She was very down to earth and it was weird to think that she is actually only a couple years older than myself!

1. So what inspired the songs on your new album, “Give Me The Music?”
I just wanted to develop my creativity as a writer, so I just kind of explored different musical styles. I always knew that I wanted a new fresh sound for this record so I didn’t really have a specific idea in mind like “I’m going to write a song like this”… just whatever. I just, at the end of the day, when we picked the songs and which ones that were going to go on the record, We just looked at the song that we received from outside publishing companies and the songs that I had written and this one is on the record from…it’s the one that made sense to put on the record with the other songs.

2. Have you and your sound changed since your first album?
Yes definitely, two years, a lot has happened, and I’ve evolved as an artist and as a person. And the sound of this album is a little more organic because it has real live instruments this time around as opposed to just everything being done by a computer and we had a lot more time to do this one. The first record was recorded in like a month right after idol so this one is more me.

3. Is there an overall theme to this album?
No I just wanted to touch on subjects that were a little more mature and a little more deep and show different sides of my personality and make it more grown up, make it more…like I want people to take me seriously and that I’m not just a contest winner, I’m an artist. And I really want to do this for a living for a while. So it was more about sharing stories and telling stories that people can relate to and be touched by.

4. Do you have a favourite song on this album? Is there one that you feel the most personally connected to?I can’t really pick a favourite. If I had to pick a favourite one it’d have to be either… I like “Masterplan” a lot, “What I want, Not Wht I Need,” “I’m Sorry”. You know, I can’t pick a favourite really. Every one of them makes you feel a certain way or I wish that it brings out something different in everybody. I wish that every person would listen to this album. There’s something in it for everyone one, you know. Like somebody can actually listen to a song and remember a certain thing that they have lived and a certain thing that happened to them. So I just want people to be actually touched and feel a certain emotion with all these stories I’m telling

5. Producer Matt Wallace has worked on some pretty big acts. What was it like working with him?
It was great. He was really fun to work with; he’s nice, professional, very talented. He was very open to my ideas and he wanted me to be happy with the songs. He was nice and receptive and respectful. We were both on the same page about how we wanted the record to sound.

6. How much input did you have in the recording process?
I had a lot of input. I definitely did. I had a big say in it and it’s more me. Like I said, it’s more reflective of me.

7. What was the atmosphere like in the studio? Serious? Laid-back?
It was definitely laid back. It was fun. All the guys were super nice. They really made me feel at home. I had a little booth with candles in my vocal booth and whenever I wanted a snack or a coffee, they’d go get it for me. And we’d be making jokes all day long. It wasn’t really…It never should be like that. I’ve never heard of a band or recording studio that is like “okay this our schedule…8AM star recording and 5PM end recording and then dinner break.” No, you go how you feel and it was fun. It was done in harmony and respect.

8. What are your hopes and expectations for “Give Me the Music”?Hopefully it will be released in the states and perhaps elsewhere as well like just outside of Canada. Right now we’re focusing on one thing at a time, releasing it in Canada. There’ll be a tour in February more or less. I just hope that I get to show different sides of who is Eva and show people I am really working hard at this and I’m here to stay. I’m not just a Canadian Idol competition winner, that I really want to do this for as long as possible and hopefully my music can reach out to people; a new demographic, not just the people who are fans of idol, but people who are actually to become fans of me and my music.

9. How would you describe your live show?
Well the first tour was just basically an intimate approach…2 years later now I mean it’s going be different. We haven’t really started working on the show yet but when we come back from the holidays we are going to start rehearsing like intensely with my band and I have a background singer now which I didn’t have before. I don’t know…we’re going to figure out a very fun concept. I mean if I had a huge budget I’d obviously love to have like 30 dancers and huge lighting effects and a huge set up with staircases and a cable hook to fly over the public. Like obviously I’d love that stuff, but right now basically it’s just about sharing stories with the audience. I don’t know…we’re going to work it out. I mean I want to put on a show that people will have fun at and that’s going to sound different than the record. I mean when you bring songs into live mode, it’s obviously going to sound, look and feel different than people who can just stay at home and listen to the record.

10. What’s your favourite part about being in such a fast-paced industry?My favourite part is that I get to do this for a living and that’s always what I wanted since I was 3. Just to do this and call this my job, my profession, it’s not just a hobby; it’s actually what I do to live, to pay my rent. And it’s very hectic and very exhausting but it’s definitely worth it.

11. How has your life changed since being on Canadian Idol?
Pretty much, like I said, this is my full time job. I live in Toronto now, apart from my family. It’s a little bit difficult but I’m enjoying it I mean I’ve always wanted to do so, so I’m not letting myself complain. My life has completely changed. I have discovered I’m a lot stronger than I thought. I’m a lot stronger in a sense that I’m not afraid to travel and be far from my family and work really really hard 24 hours a day basically because I feel like this is where I’m thriving the most and this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

12. What’s it like when people recognize you?
It’s very flattering obviously. I want to make people happy and people come up to me and ask for a picture and autograph. It’s flattering because it’s being admired and recognized and respected for something that I love. It’s just very gratifying you know and heartwarming. It’s definitely flattering.

13. What was your favourite part about being on Canadian Idol?
It was fun. It was like a summer camp kind of. Making a bunch of friends and getting to do all these activities and rehearsing. It’s fun, it’s like a camp. You work really hard and it’s the adrenaline. I love the adrenaline rush of like going on stage and being proud of your performance and then you get great comments from the judges who boost your confidence and you’re all happy. But it’s all very superficial. At the end of the day, people watch you while you’re on the show, but after that, what happens, like you have to be someone after that, not just be like “okay I won the show but then I’m just going to disappear and people are not going to hear anything.” Like that’s why you have to fight and work really hard to keep your spot in the industry.

14. What was the hardest part of being on the show?
What was the most important thing you’ve learned from the show?
That everything happens for a reason because I didn’t want to audition for idol before, I didn’t really think it was for me, that kind of competition but at the last minute I decided to go because I had thought I nothing to lose. So yeah everything happens for a reason and if you’re really ready and really want something and it’s meant to be, then it’s going to happen. And like I said, I learned that I’m a lot stronger emotionally and mentally then I thought. Every day I keep learning something new about myself, about what I want out of my career, about what I want to work on in the future and stuff like that.

15. Who is your musical inspiration and why?
I have a lot. Ever since I was little I really loved anything Motown. Like old Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder. Right now I think my number one idol is Alicia keys. I think she’s absolutely genius and she’s the person I’d want to work with the most right now

16. What advice do you have for teens out there who dream of making it big in the music industry?
Be sure it’s not just a hobby and it’s actually a huge passion because if you’re not ready to be thrown into the crazy music business it can be a train wreck and can be really dangerous for your mental and emotional and physical health. That means if you’re not ready, it’s such a crazy, crazy industry that if you’re not ready you can lose yourself easily. That’s why you have to be grounded and it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground and stay down to earth. That’s why every day I have to remind myself that this is a priviledge I’m having the time of my life and I have to enjoy it because tomorrow it might be gone.

17. Is there anything in particular that keeps you grounded?
My family. People who know me like the back of their hand and I always need to go visit my family back home in Ottawa at least once a month otherwise I go crazy. I’m such a mommy and daddy’s girl it’s crazy

18. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Hopefully the record will be released internationally. Hopefully I get to tour internationally. I’d love to get into acting one day. You know, the little things that might be fun like I’d love to launch my own product line, fragrance, clothing line whatever. I’d have a charity or something, like a foundation. Like right now I just signed up for an amazing program called “At My Best” and I’m kind of a role model for them. It’s basically a program that’s in over 1000 schools in Canada. It’s just basically a class and course that’s incorporated into children’s classes like from kindergarten to 3rd grade just to teach them about, you know, physical health and nutrition and emotional well being; just to help kids make better decisions today because statistics are pretty bad. Obesity rates just keep increasing. I’m basically just there to be motivating and getting kids excited. And the kids looking up to me makes me feel really really special and if I can make a difference, then I’m really happy.

She has such an awesome personality and I think she'll do very well in the future!

Here is a scan of my article that I wrote that was published in the December issue of YOUTHINK

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