Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MY LIFE | Where did June go?

Stunning view from the Hearst Tower

Okay, so June flew by. In case you didn't already notice by the lack of blog posts I did this month, it's been cray. Interning five days a week is kicking my butt. Good thing it's fun stuff, right? Amidst the transcribing and article research, I still managed to get out and do some much-needed NYC exploring (found a couple awesome new bar spots, see below). Here's what I got up to in June:


Monday, June 29, 2015

EVENT | Logo TV Trailblazer Honors & Pride Parade NYC

Image via Facebook
June is Pride Month and this year's celebration came with a historic milestone. After what feels like MUCH too long, marriage equality has reached the United States. This comes as a major achievement for the LGBTQ community and I couldn't be more excited for everyone!

I seriously teared up while watching this:

I had the pleasure of attending Logo TV's Trailblazer Honors event in NYC as a seatfiller and I had an incredible experience. The event celebrated many inspirational voices doing amazing and aspirational things in the LGBTQ community. It was held at the The Cathedral Church Of St. John the Divine and it was such a stunning venue:

Monday, June 22, 2015

ART | Mr. Brainwash Exhibit NYC

I tend to wander around New York City aimlessly, and it sometimes leads to some hidden gems. I was in the Chelsea area near the High Line on a beautiful day and I saw this:
Naturally, my curiosity kicked in and I stepped in.....into an amazing Mr. Brainwash exhibit (!!)
Take a look:

Friday, June 5, 2015

#INTERNLIFE | Refinery29

Image via Facebook
June was off to a great start, with a brand new internship with Refinery29 — I'll be spending my summer as the entertainment intern!

 The office is seriously so pretty and the workplace vibe is on point.