Monday, December 27, 2010

Interview with: SOUNDSPEED

Hey everyone!

On December 17, I was able to check out SoundSpeed's performance at El Mocambo as a part of this year's Jinglebell Rock show. I caught up with the guys of the band after the show (you might recognize some of them from the hit show Degrassi), and although it was cold and snowing, they were great to talk to and had lots of energy. Not to mention, they are hilarious. Check out the video for clips from the interview as well as some words from a few fans!

Above: Shane Kippel and Sean Farquharson (the other guys took off too quickly for a group photo haha)
Anyways, be sure to check them out on Myspace!

Get ready for C&C in 2011

Hi everyone!

I hope you've all been following my adventures as a part of C&C, a Youtube show that my friend Chris and I started earlier this year. If you haven't, you can check out our first few episodes on our Youtube channel (username: CandCToronto)

Just as a taste of what's to come in the near year, we made a promo trailer!

Subscribe to us on Youtube! :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

FutuReale Double Issue: Oneal Walters Profile

Check out my latest article in FutuReale Magazine, featuring poet Oneal Walters. I had the chance to chat with Oneal about his books, inspiration, and advice.

You can check out the entire issue on the website!
p.s. My friend Chris Allaire also has an article in this issue :)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chelsea Handler in Torontoooo

Hey everyone!

This past week has been a whirlwind of excitement; now with first semester and exams over, I've been able to enjoy Toronto life outside of the Ryerson campus. On December 11, my friend Chris and I went to see Chelsea Handler's show at Massey Hall (conveniently located near our residence). We were seated in the 5th row, which were fantastic seats and the venue is a really old building but I liked the atmosphere.

The opening act was Chris Franjola, who had his moments. But we were eager to see Chelsea.

After showing a promo video of her many hilarious clips from her show Chelsea Lately, I couldn't wait to see her in person.

And wow, she definitely didn't disappoint. She is a talented, crazy woman. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any videos or photos inside, but the show was great!

- Christinaaa

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tim Deegan Interview Audio Clips

A few weeks ago, I was able to meet up with Tim Deegan, who gave insight into the life of a VJ, some of his favourite places in Toronto, embarrassing moments, and what he's been up to since MuchMusic. Check out the audio clips below!

Thanks Tim!

& Check out his website:

- Christinaaa

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hockey Legend Bobby Hull

On Tuesday, November 30th, at 7:00pm at the Indigo at Bay & Bloor, hockey legend Bobby Hull, former Chicaco Blackhawks player, made an appearance to sign his book "The Golden Jet." Considering that I grew up in a household where hockey terms were constantly thrown around and the games were always on television, I had to check it out. Both as a favour to my hockey loving family members as well as out of my own curiousity, I took my place in the front row of seats. Reading my Teen Vogue while I was waiting, I got some strange looks from the very obvious grown hockey fans.

- Christinaaa

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amy Sedaris and Dan Levy

Anxious fans held onto their canary yellow copies of Amy Sedaris' book "Simple Times" at Indigo on Richmond & John St. on Monday November 29.
Sedaris, actress and author, was set to make an appearance at the Toronto book store to sign her book and take part in an interview with MTV's Dan Levy.

With the small stage set up on the top floor, prepped with chairs and a table full of household food items, the crowd was ready to see her live.

By 7:00pm, three lines had formed and people were lined up along the railing; luckily I got there early enough to get a seat.

An aisle formed and Dan & Amy walked happily towards the platform, welcomed by the cheering crowd. Wearing a colourful sleeveless dress, making it hard to believe that it was freezing cold outside, Sedaris took a seat across Levy.

They began with questions about her book and it gradually went on about aspects of her life.

A short clip from the interview:

After the short interview, Sedaris did a demonstration, recreating a few of the crafts from her book, with help from a couple audience members. One of her creations was a 'candle salad' - involving lettuce, a banana, mayonnaise and maraschino cherries...interesting.

Following the craft session, she took questions from the audience. People asked about random topics - from advice about what to do in New York City to questions about her TV character Jerri Blank. She even received an invitation to do crafts at someone's house - in which she replied "I'd rather shoot my left arm" or something like that haha.

Then the signing began. It was very organized.

Afterwards, I caught up with Dan Levy before he left, just in time to get a quick photo.

I quite enjoy these Indigo events! :)

- Christinaaa