Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ANTM Live Video Recap

Although the America's Next Top Model Live event took place earlier this month, I realized I still had a ton of video footage from it...so I made a little recap video! Here it is:

- Christina
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Toronto Korean Film Festival

For the first time ever, Korean films will be showcased in Toronto and celebrated as a part of the Toronto  Korean Film Festival. Taking place at the University of Toronto's Innis Town Hall theatre from June 22 - July 1, this festival aims to give Torontonians a taste of Korean cinema, and to expose the public to Korean culture.

Here is a video they put together, as evidence that people generally don't know a lot about Korea:

On May 26, I attended the press conference for this festival, where the official films and schedules were announced. There are different themed days during the festival, where a variety of film genres will be highlighted. "Failan," "Old Boy," and "A Tale of Two Sisters" are just a few of the great films chosen. I've never seen any Korean films before, so this press conference definitely opened my eyes to some really interesting films (they showed the trailers and I can't wait to watch a few of them!). Following the Q&A with its organizers, they showed a special screening of Kimchi Chronicles, a television series focusing on the wonders - and deliciousness - of Korean food.  Check it out:

Not only did the event show us tons of Korean food on screen, but they also gave us authentic Korean food to enjoy before and after the screening! From trying different types of kimchi to learning about bibimbap and watching Korean movie trailers, I definitely left the event satisfied - full of Korean cultural knowledge as well as tasty food.

Here are some photos from the event:


They looked great!
Cooking demonstration
For more info on the Toronto Korean Film Festival, visit http://tkff.ca/

- Christina
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rodarte at The Bay

Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the charming sister duo behind the successful Rodarte clothing line made an appearance at The Bay for a special live interview with Jeanne Beker. The LA-based designers spoke about their latest collection, sources of inspiration, and their childhood on the west coast.

Here are my photos from the event!

The Room's Creative Director Nicholas Mellamphy (@NicholasMe)

Jeanne Beker looked amazing - I loved her shoes!

And don't forget to follow @OfficialRodarte

- Christina
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Karyzma Agency Launch

Last night, my friend Karine Delage launched her very own PR company, Karyzma Agency. As a celebration she held a fantastic event at Kultura Restaurant (169 King St. East). There was a great crowd and amazing food and I'm so happy for her success!

She does a lot of great work both in Toronto and Montreal. Her clients include: UK band Kovak, Montreal-based band Mackenzie First and Lone Wolf Artist Management. She also launched her new website, so be sure to check it out! http://www.karyzmaagency.ca/

I had a fun time at the event - here are some of my photos:

Karine looking fab!
Such a nice venue!
Loved these lights

Look who I ran into - Trish!
If you haven't heard of Trish, here's one of her videos (one of my faves!):

Karine had lots of supporting guests :)
Also follow her on Twitter: @KarineDelage

- Christina
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The Start of a Toronto Summer

As an original Vancouverite, I'm often asked which city I like better: Toronto or Vancouver...and the even harder question of: Do you think you'll stay in Toronto after you graduate? And I still am not 100 per cent sure - but I still have two more years left of school so I've got some time to think that over.

But I've actually fallen in love with Toronto, despite its lack of beautiful mountains in the distance and a beach right around the corner. A lot of people I've met over here are surprised when I say I love Toronto. Their reaction: But you're from Vancouver - I've heard it's beautiful! And yes, I agree that it's beautiful, but I think Toronto has its own characteristics that make it so appealing to me. Don't get me wrong, I love both cities, but I'm really loving my time out here.

So this summer, as a change from last year, I'm staying in Toronto until August - giving me time to fully enjoy a Toronto summer, heat and all. I honestly hate the rain, so I welcome the heat with open arms.

And as a fun photography blog post, I wanted to share some of my photos from exploring around the city so far this summer - and its just the beginning.

Yonge Street
King St. West

I love street art - Queen West

Dundas Square - my hood
Just thought this was pretty...
View from my rooftop
Anyway, I'll keep you posted with my adventures this summer!

- Christina

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zero Gravity Circus

The final event from May 19th as a photographer for iChannel was the Toronto International Circus Festival. We checked out the Zero Gravity Circus show on the Westjet stage, which was pretty impressive - full of acrobats, dancers, and mimes. Harbourfront Centre was super busy, since it was a gorgeous long weekend, but I didn't mind because I got to enjoy the sun as well!

Check out my blog post for iChannel (click the image and it'll take you to the article!)

There is a full gallery of my photos up on the iChannel blog, but here are a few to give you a quick idea of the event:

The fun iChannel team!
I had a great time tagging along with them on their shoots for the day!

- Christina
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