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Meet the cast of YTV's Mr. Young


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It's been a while, but I've got tons of exciting blog posts coming up - starting with a look at YTV/ Disney XD's hit show Mr. Young. During my vacation in BC last month, I got the chance to chat with some of the cast members and spent a day on set, seeing what goes into the making of this hilarious high school sitcom.

I sat down with Brendan Meyer, Matreya Fedor and Gig Morton, who all play unique characters on the show. Check out a quick Q&A with each of these talented teens!

Brendan Meyer - Adam Young


How are you similar to the character you play on the show?
I obviously don’t know as much about science as he does, but whenever I’m asked this question, I say that it’s very similar being an actor on a TV show to being a teacher because it’s an adult job. I mean, being an actor on a television show, being in every episode, doing all that stuff, that work load and those hours, I’m working just as much as any adult would be doing in this format. So, as well as dealing with adults in my workplace and kids my own age, it’s very similar in that I’m a kid doing essentially an adult job.

Any funny stories from filming so far this season?
There was a great moment a couple weeks ago where Kurt had to come out and let out a burp. Kurt can conjure up a burp like it blows my mind and it’s really kind of gross but really impressive. He can take like 10 seconds and then boom. It was so late and I was exhausted and Milo was just finding it so funny. This probably happens once a season, but this season it was just the worst. We just couldn’t keep a straight face. It was a really simple scene too. He would come out and we would just laugh and it was pretty painful. Everyone was just dying. There have been a couple moments like that and those are always the fun ones.

You and the cast were recently in Toronto promoting the show - why do you feel it's important to do these meet and greets and get up close with fans?
It’s so important. Without the fans, there would be no show, so I think it’s really important to give back and meet these people and show them that we appreciate them watching the show. I’m a big fan of movies and TV and I know that whenever I meet someone that I really admire from a film or TV show it’s a big deal for me. So I think it’s really cool when you’re on a show like Mr. Young that you can really make people’s day and be that celebrity to them. It’s a nice part of the job. It’s less about you and more about them.

What's it like to be a young Canadian actor in this industry?
It’s pretty difficult I think. It’s tough. There are the good things and the bad things about it. You’re not American so it’s harder to work down there and you’re not in LA, so you’re not in the hotspot of what’s going on. But at the same time, you’re not there so you’re a bit detached, which is almost nice since you’re not in all that stuff. It’s a cool balance, but usually it’s not this easy. Mr. Young is a miracle really. It’s a Canadian show employing all Canadian people and it’s gone now three seasons and been successful both in Canada and around the world. When you think about it, it’s unbelievable. I think everyone in the show is so lucky, not just the actors, but also everyone, to have this steady gig. It’s been nice.

Brendan also has a role in the upcoming Disney Channel movie Girl Vs. Monster, coming out this October.

Matreya Fedor - Echo


What is it like working with the cast of Mr. Young?
Everyone is so awesome. And it’s so cool because everybody brings something to the show that is so amazing. Like Milo, I have learned so much from him because he comes from such a big theatre background and Milo is so big with his acting and is so great; he really pushes me to do better. And Raugi, who plays Dang, is so amazing too and he is the sweetest person you will ever meet. He’s awesome. And everyone else is so great. Emily and I are really great girlfriends; we do things together all the time. And Brendan is awesome and so is Gig, and Kurt too. We all go out and do things together all the time. During our lunch breaks, we go to Starbucks together or on the weekends we’ll go and watch movies together. We’re definitely a family.

What has been your favourite episode to film?
From season two, I really liked Mr. TV, because that was really interesting for me, because I was doing something very different from anything I’ve ever done before, especially on Mr. Young.  Emily and I were doing black and white footage, like those old silent films, which was really interesting because I’ve never really had to act without speaking before. So you had to make your movements so big and it was really cool because, not only did you get a taste of what it was like for actors way back then, you actually learned a lot about them. I learned so much about Charlie Chaplin.

What has been the biggest difference from the first few episodes to where the show is today?
For me, the first thing that comes to mind is just the relationship between the cast. We didn’t really know each other and at this point now, we’re such good friends. I literally love all of them to death. We’re such a big family. So definitely the relationship, but also just from being on the show I think I’ve improved so much. And since sitcom is so new to Vancouver, we’ve all grown so much and done something we’ve never done before. We’ve learnt a whole new style of film.

Who do you look up to in the acting industry?
There are a lot of people. I think my girl crush right now is Emma Stone; I love her so much. She is so funny and so good! She’s amazing. I think Easy A was the first movie I saw her in and it was my favourite movie for a while and then The Help came out and it was a totally different side of her. She was doing serious and it was dramatic and it was so good. And now there’s Spiderman, I haven’t actually seen it yet, but I’m excited to see it. She seems like such a fun person.

You can also catch Echo starring in an upcoming short film called Omg (release date to be confirmed).

Gig Morton - Derby

So you play Derby - can tell me more about this quirky character?
Derby is Adam Young’s best friend. Adam Young is a teenage genius who has become a high school teacher and when he went back to go teach at the high school he would’ve gone to if he stayed on the same track as regular kids, he found his best friend from kindergarten and grade one. So he ended up teaching him in school and they became best friends again. So Derby has now become the best friend of the teacher and a student so he gets away with homework and stuff and silly stuff. And he plays pranks a lot on people.

Are you and Derby alike at all?
A little bit. I’m home-schooled and some people ask me what my favourite subject is and I always say science and they’re surprised because I’m not like that on the show. I guess related to my character wise though, I’m the same way in randomness and silliness. I’m all over the place in the same way.

What was your reaction when you got the role?
Of course I was ecstatic to get this. It’s been amazing and it has changed my life, especially my career. I moved over from Vancouver Island to live and do the show over here, so it’s a dream come true basically.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?
For me, one of the hardest things is the American accent that they tell us to have. So everyday I’m sitting and listening to people. I like to people watch, so I like to see how they say things differently. Like oh he said ‘sorry’ instead of ‘saw-rry’ – it’s funny because I’m learning about American pop culture because we have to have it here in Canada too since this show is sold all over the world. So that’s one of the challenges. But also, every day when I go to work, I learn more acting-wise and it’s good to always improve. That’s always a challenge but I enjoy that.

My articles featuring Brendan, Matreya and Gig will be in the fall issue of Faze Magazine, keep an eye out!

For more on Mr. Young, check out and follow them on Twitter @MrYoungTV

Thanks for the awesome interviews and a fun couple days on set! :) My next blog post is a closer look at my day in the studio when they were filming with a studio audience.

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