Friday, July 26, 2013

EVENT | The Wool Workshop

Last weekend I got to check out the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo for an event in the called The Wool Workshop, hosted by The Woolmark Company. I felt like I was in school again, because it was set up like a lecture, but it was actually really interesting.

The speaker was Woolmark's global innovation manager Roy Kettlewell and he shared tons of info into what goes into the making of Merino wool, plus background on everything from the different types of sheep to the techniques used to get it just the way they like it.

The second half of the presentation was showcasing The Wool Lab AW14/15, which revealed the upcoming fall trends. They were separated into seven different themes:
The Club
Simple Chic
Street Market
Cinque Ports
Xtreme Knitwear
View the details here:

I walked out of there a lot more knowledgeable about the wool industry and random facts that I feel like I could pull out at parties. Most of the audience was made up of designers, manufacturers, etc, so a lot of the questions had that focus.

Side note, I absolutely fell in love with the venue. If I was ballin' and could afford it, I would defs stay at this chic and trendy SoHo spot.


The Woolmark Company also presents an award for wool creativity:

"The International Woolmark Prize is a fashion design award that identifies the most important designers of the future whilst highlighting the modernity of Merino wool within their collections. The initiative crosses borders and cultures by recognising outstanding new talent from emerging and established fashion hotspots around the globe including: Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, USA."

This year's USA section winner was Altuzarra designer Joseph Altuzarra
Anyways, be sure to find The Woolmark Company at and on Facebook and Twitter!

- Christina
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EVENT | BaubleBar x RABEANCO x I Spy DIY

The BaubleBar store in SoHo always seems to be bumpin. They constantly hold shopping soirees and various events for jewelry and fashion lovers to enjoy. Last week, I checked out a fun BaubleBar x RABEANCO event hosted by Jenni Radosevich, author of I Spy DIY. It was a stylish party full of Godiva Spirits cocktails, a bag chain DIY station, DreamDry hair stations and endless accessories.

Take a look:

RABEANCO leather bags come in so many different colours!

I'm in love with my DIY bag charm - super cute and so easy!

Pickie also had a fun station with a photo booth and I even spotted myself on their screen:

Click HERE to check out my blog post ft. Pickie

- Christina
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Featured On Pickie!

I got in contact with the fabulous people behind Pickie, a freshly launched fashion app and they gave me the opportunity to be one of their featured editors! I got to share my top 6 summer style picks in a fun feature on their app, as well as on their blog.

Pickie is a personalized shopping magazine for fashion, beauty & home goods. In Pickie you can personalize your catalog by selecting themes within categories, and each day you'll get an 'edition' of products & content that's tailored to your taste. Everything you see you can buy without leaving the app, which means no more frustration from seeing something awesome and then not being able to find where to buy it.

Take a look:

 And here's my feature:

I also got to promote an awesome summer style makeover shopping spree (sorry folks, it's closed already!)

Thanks Pickie! Be sure to tweet them (#bePickie) and find them on Facebook!

- Christina
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zendaya @ The Zach Sang & The Gang Studio

Last week I got to check out the Zach Sang & The Gang studio at the CBS Broadcast Center for a special visit from Zendaya Coleman. You may know her as Rocky from Disney Channel's Shake It Up or the last season of Dancing with the Stars. She was in the city promoting her new single 'Replay' - take a listen:

I was looking forward to meeting the hosts of the radio show, Zach Sang & Shelley Rome - they're awesome.
Check out their interview with Zendaya:

- Christina
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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Day I Met Michael Cera

One of the many reasons why I love New York is that you can stumble upon the most random and awesome things without even trying. On Sunday, July 14th, my friend and I went for lunch at a cute Mediterranean restaurant in the West Village and on our way back to the NYU dorm, we walked past the IFC Center (an independent movie theatre) that happened to have a huge sign that said "MICHAEL CERA IN PERSON." Obviously we had to stop and check it out. Conveniently, there was going to be a screening of Michael Cera's new film Crystal Fairy that night, plus a Q&A with the director Sebastian Silva and the great Michael himself.

We bought our tickets immediately.

When we came back to the theatre for show time, they had just started creating a line up...and guess who got to be first in line? We were stoked.

Guess who we also spotted at the theatre on her way out from seeing another film? Julia Stiles!

 We got front row seats and it was actually such a great film - I definitely recommend it!

Then Sebastian Silva and Michael Cera came to the front of the room and took questions from the audience. They are such cool, chill guys. Michael is just so awkward, I love it.

And yes, we met.
Oh how I love NYC.

- Christina
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