Thursday, January 7, 2010

Youthink: January 2010 issue & Olympic Games!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are off to a fantastic year! I just wanted to remind you all to check out the newest issue of Youthink Magazine that can be found in high schools throughout BC & Alberta as well as local libraries, stores, community centers, etc. This issue is a special Olympic themed issue which is great, since the Olympic Games are only 36 days away! The countdown is becoming reality and it's hard to imagine that in 36 days our province will be in the spotlight of the entire world. Think about it...the entire world! I also wanted to add that there is a picture of me in this issue, relating to my involvement in the Olympics. I am going to be a performer in the Closing Ceremony (which I am so excited for!!) and I am also a part of a webcast team called Sharing the Dream.

Check out our webcasts at:
There will be more content and interviews added to that site later on! Here are some photos of the team and I :)

Also, here is a scanned image of the page that I am on in the January issue:

Check it out!


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