Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scooby Doo! PART 1!


I wrote an article for Youthink Magazine about a new movie coming out on TV & DVD called "Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins" Last summer, during filming here in BC, I was able to visit the set and take a look inside the world of making a Scooby Doo movie. It finally comes out on Cartoon Network on Sept.13, on Teletoon on Sept.26 & Oct.3 and on DVD on Sept.22! The movie is a prequel to the other Scooby Doo films so it has all new actors! I was able to meet the gang: Robbie Amell, Hayley Kiyoko Alcroft, Nick Palatas and Kate Melton! My article has come out on the youthink website so please check it out at:


(it wont let me add the link to click on it, so just copy & past it!)

This is part 1 of my Scooby Doo posts so keep checking back for more pictures, video clips and interviews with the cast!

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