Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gossip Girl Treats!

If you are an avid fan of the hit TV show Gossip Girl (like me), you will be aware of the candy store that is featured in New York City, called Dylan's Candy Bar. If you haven't heard of it, you'll definitely want to check it out, since it is now being sold here in Vancouver at Holt Renfrew! Last month, I was able to go to an in store meet and greet with the store's founder, Dylan Lauren (yes, that name is familiar, because she is the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren!). She was kind enough to give me an interview in between autograph signings, and gave me insight into her life as a candy fashionista. I was fortunate enough to have visited her New York location on my trip to New York last summer, so it was fantastic to get to meet the face behind the famous candy bar.

1. So what sparked your interest in starting your own candy store?
DL: Always loved candy. I felt there was a need for a store that didn’t exist with candy that I had seen from around the world. And I just started traveling and seeing all this great stuff and thought it would be great to have a store that had all the stuff I loved and that other people loved.

2. How many locations do you have?
DL: We have 5 locations in America: Houston, Orlando, Roosevelt Field, East Hampton and New York. And then we have a lot of outposts like Holt Renfrew and W Hotels...

3. How involved are you in each of these locations?
DL: Very involved. I travel a lot. I design all the products with my team. I really get very hands on so it’s really important to me, because my name’s on the door, to make sure the staff is good.

4. So during the creative process, how do you decide what candy to sell?
DL: I go to all the trade shows and pick different candies that I like and that I think will sell in a certain market. People just love the Dylan’s candy bar brand as well as those popular brands like Mars and Hersheys and Nestle. So we carry so many different candies for different holidays, so it’s great.

5. When I went to your New York store, I notice your famous display case of autographed candy boxes...Who was your most memorable celebrity visitor?
DL: I’d say, I love all; just the fact that all different people come. But I’d say Oprah Winfrey and Janet Jackson.

6. How do you feel that being featured on TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, help your business?
DL: Hugely. People love that show and they think it’s super cool, so they are like, “oh it must be a cool store to get candy.” And then those Gossip Girl stars love the store; they come in on a regular basis which is nice.

7. I also noticed that you sell a lot of merchandise as well as candy. Do you find that that sells as well as the candy?
DL: I think candy is number one, but people love the idea that they can live a candy lifestyle and have clothing that looks like candy and accessories, and they also complement each other.

8. How do you bring together fashion and candy?
DL: The clothing we’re starting to do, the jewellery we’re starting to do...The idea of different colours for different holidays, and different seasons. You know how fashion changes (winter, spring, summer, fall) we have darker colours for winter, brighter colours for spring, in our candies and in our clothing and accessories.

9. Do you have any new and exciting promotions or collaborations coming up?
DL: We’re going to launch a line with Gwen Stefani, Harajuku Lovers, that’ll be big, it’s Happy Bunny. And I’m coming out with a book in October called Unwrap Your Sweet Life, so it’s all exciting!

10. Lastly, what is your favourite type of candy?
DL: I love everything. But I’d have to say...we have really good marshmallow items in New York and I love red gummy candies, so red gummy bears, red Swedish fish, all of them.

Autographed photo!

In Holt Renfrew, at her display

Thank you Dylan for the fantastic interview! Check out the super sweet website!

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