Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JBIEBS on New.Music.Live

Despite the harsh freezing temperatures, it was apparent that Bieber Fever had hit Toronto. On Tuesday, Feb.1, the Stratford sensation made an appearance at MuchMusic to be on a special episode of New.Music.Live and to promote his new movie Never Say Never, which hits theatres on Feb.11.

Although I did not wait out in the cold and stick around to see Bieber in person, I was quite satisfied with watching it from my television, drinking David's Tea and wearing furry slippers.

However, I just so happened to be walking past the line up of fans on my way home after a taping of the Steven & Chris show, so I stopped to chat with some of them. I knew that it was expected to have girls lining up super early, but when I talked to them in person, it was hard to believe they actually spent all that time in a line-up out in the cold. Good thing they had blankets.

I'll have a video up soon hopefully with some of my fan encounters (or it may be featured on the next episode of C&C - and if you dont know what C&C is, check it out - www.youtube.com/CandCToronto ) but for now, here are some of the photos I took!

If you are in any of my photos, feel free to email me at christina.dun@hotmail.com and tell me your stories of how your Bieber experience was! Or if you have any stories from the event to share in general, send 'em along and you could be a 'featured fan' !
*If you use any of my photos, please add a link to my blog!


  1. hey christina ! i found your blog :)
    im one of the girls in the first photo you took. thanks so much again! where can i find the video ?


  2. Hey Nicole! Thanks for checking out my blog! I've posted the video on my most recent post, as a part of Episode 7 of my YouTube show C&C!