Monday, November 28, 2011

OUCH 2011

Wow, what a weekend. I had such an amazing time with my Ryerson Urban Hip Hop Union dance team at OUCH 2011 (Ontario Universities Competition for Hiphop) on Nov.26th in Oshawa!

Leading up to the competition, we worked so hard and it really showed in the end. And even though we didn't place, we absolutely killed it. Our theme was 'The Outsiders' and we brought the Greasers and Socs to life on stage, and I gotta say, our costumes were on point!

Anyway, there will be more photos to come, but until then, congrats to all the teams that competed! Here were the results:

1st place: Durham College
2nd place: Carleton University
3rd place: Queen's University

The semester couldn't have ended on a higher note. I love my UHHU fam! :)

- Christina

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