Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cody Simpson Sneak Preview

Hey everyone!

So the other day, Cody Simpson (aka the cooler, Australian version of Justin Bieber...) visited Toronto for a concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre as a part of his Welcome to Paradise tour and I was fortunate enough to be asked to help out with some video coverage of a cover shoot and interview that was being held at the venue that day. Boy, I sure was glad I didn't have to wait around outside in the freezing cold like the girls in the photo above...they are troopers. Some had been there since 8am with their folding chairs and blankets - oh the stamina.

Anyways, since I can't post much info from the shoot until the issue comes out, I just thought I'd post a few random shots (plus a sneak peak photo of Cody with Richard Sibbald, our photographer - see below)

FAZE brought cupcakes for him!! (DELICIOUS by the way)

And yes, he has dolls.

So stay tuned for more photos later on - and keep an eye out for the spring issue of FAZE Magazine featuring the Australian cutie!

- Christina

OH and forgot to add - in case you don't know who Cody Simpson is...You're welcome

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