Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Toronto is a great place for budding musicians. I met up with HIGHS, a local indie-pop band made up of Doug, Karrie, Joel and Kevin, who gave insight into the making of their debut EP.

Their song "Nomads" is featured in the trailer for Adult World, a movie starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts—a huge deal if you ask me. They are pretty stoked about it and joked around that they are now tight with John and Emma, on a first-name basis obvi. Check it out here:

On their band name: "If encompasses this positive message that we're aiming for. We felt the name reflects the sound that we were creating." They also threw around some ideas of what HIGHS would be as an acronym. The result? "Heavenly Influenced Gregorian Harmonies, Sup?"
"We enjoy playing the music and also playing together as a band," says Doug. "I think that is communicated while we're playing and that can be contagious, which is the goal. We want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as we are."

Advice to fellow aspiring artists: "If you want to be a musician all the time, you have to be ready to run a business. For some musicians, that's not what's going to make them happy, but for us, we enjoy that as well."

Their songs have the perfect summer chill vibe, check out 'Summer Dress'

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