Sunday, March 7, 2010

Canada Owned the Podium

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus during the Olympics, I was just so busy to keep up with blogging. So I'll do some posts regarding my experiences with the olympic winter games.

First off, I'd like to say how proud I am to be Canadian. We've definitely showed the world a great time here because our streets were full of happiness, excitement and tons of stuff to do! With free events at Olympic venues, such as the Richmond Ozone, Holland Park in Surrey, and LiveCity Vancouver, awesome concerts, and exhibits all around the city, Vancouver was buzzing and never seemed to sleep. The skytrains were constantly crowded and downtown was the centre of attention. It was so inspiring to see so many Canadians showing their support by wearing their red and white, painting their faces, and waving their Canadian flags. Olympic clothing was also becoming very popular and were flying off the shelves at the Bay and Zellers. I'm quite satisfied with my Olympic clothing that I picked up from Aritzia :)

As well, everywhere you went, you could see one of the most popular items: the Olympic red mittens. They are so warm and comfy and perfect for winter. Now, enough about the clothing, on with the games!

Although I didn't watch any of the sports events, I followed along with the medal count and I am so proud of Canada for not only winning the most gold medals on home soil, but also WINNING THE MOST GOLD MEDALS EVER! We ended up with the third highest amount of medals overall, but considering that we won 14 golds, it's such an achievement! Just a few of our gold medalists include Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Alexandre Bilodeau, the Women's Hockey team and the Men's Hockey team!

I'm sad that the Olympics are over, but don't forget that the Paralympics are starting soon as well! So I just hope that Canada still keeps its support and excitement throughout the Paralympic games! It has been such an amazing past few weeks and honestly, it's weird now that the streets are not as crowded and you don't hear people shouting and ringing cow bells!


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