Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey everyone,

As some of you may have known, Booboo Stewart (Eclipse) visited Metrotown earlier this year, and he did a meet and greet! He's great to his fans and such a fresh face. :)

Here is a quick Q&A with Booboo!
1. So how did you get started in the entertainment industry?

A: My dad is in the business

2. Were you a fan of Twilight before the movie?

A: Sure

3.How did you land the role of Seth Clearwater?

A: Regular audition

4. Did you have any special training or prep for the movie?

A: I read all the books and trained really hard5-really great

5. So how would you describe the character of Seth in the movie?

A: I dont discuss the movie but in the book he is really a happy nice guy

6. What was your favourite part of filming?

A: Sorry i dont discuss filming but to say it was fun and everybody was really nice

7. How did you like Vancouver?

A: I really like it there

8. So I understand your music career is also on the rise and you perform with your sister Fivel, tell us how that's going!

A: Actually its me and 2 of my sisters maegan and fivel--its going great we are writing and recording a lot of new songs

9. What is your favourite part of performing?

A: I love it all --the performance and the fans

10. So you got started in this industry at such a young age...what keeps you so down to earth in such a hectic business?

A: My family
11. So you appeared at Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC for the George Caseres Foundation; why do you think it is important for the youth of today to get involved in giving back?

A: Me and my sisters are really lucky and we need to remember that everyone isnt and help however we can--it makes everyone better and the world a better place.

12. What has been your favourite project that you have worked on so far?


13. 1. So do you get to travel a lot? Where has been your favourite place that you’ve visited?

A: Probably boston there is just something about the town i really like

14. So when you’re in LA, what do you like to do for fun?

A: Hang out with my fam and friends

15. Have you had any crazy encounters with fans?

A: hha yeah--ive been pulled to the ground and my shirt ripped off and pulled off stage. lately girls have been driving by my house yelling

16. What advice do you have for other teens who hope to make it in the entertainment industry?
A: Never give up

17. Lastly, do you have any upcoming projects?

A: Well me and my sister fivel have an amazing project but I cant talk about it and I have a few films coming out along with ECLIPSE--SMITTY and LOGAN and maybe one called DARK GAMES--and we are booking concerts. Of course I hopefully will be doing a lot of the TWILIGHT conventions--I love meeting fans

Thank-you to Booboo and his father Nils!

Check out Booboo's twitter & myspace!
twitter: MAMMARAZZI1



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