Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Honey Jam Pt.1

Hey everyone!

Earlier this week, I won tickets from Sarah Taylor & Much Music to attend Honey Jam 2011 at the Mod Club on August 11. And not only did I get to see the showcase of amazing female talent, but I got to see it from the balcony lounge! I only stayed up there for the beginning, but it was awesome because it was mainly the area for the performers and sponsors! (And did I mention there was food?)

The Honey Jam was celebrating its 16th year anniversary and many famous female names began with their performances at this very showcase - including Nelly Furtado and Jully Black!

Hosted by Sarah Taylor, the event was fantastic. It featured artists from all over Canada who have many different musical backgrounds. And since I wanted to get some better photos, I left the balcony area and went to the front of the stage.

Check out my photos from the event! (Since there are so many, this will be a 3-part posting)

Host Sarah Taylor

Cupcakes in the lounge!

7-year-old musical prodigy Catherine He



Ashley Martinez

More photos to come in Part 2!

- Christinaaa

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