Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nick Carter at New.Music.Live

Hey everyone!

I'm back in Toronto and I'm glad to be back in the city! Yesterday, I was able to go to New.Music.Live and be in the audience for Nick Carter's appearance. For all you BSB fans, I'm sure you tuned into the episode...

He stopped by to promote his solo project and debut his video for 'Love Can't Wait'

Although his visit was quick, he did a great interview and showed appreciation for all his fans.

And I'll admit, my inner fan girl came out. Not only was I sitting on the couch across from him during his interview, I got to also shake his hand as he was on his way out to greet his fans who were watching from the window/gates. Sighhhhhhh....

Anyways, here are some of my photos from the taping!

- Christinaaa

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