Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canada's Walk of Fame

This was a historic day.

It's not everyday that you sit in the front row of the Elgin Theatre at the Canada's Walk of Fame awards night gala filling the seat for Sandra Oh (you may know her as Dr. Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy)...sitting alongside hip hop icon Drake, comedian Russell Peters, rock star Burton Cummings, astronaut Roberta Bondar, and tennis superstar Daniel Nestor.

But it happened.

I found myself sitting in a seat between Sandra Oh's father and Drake's mother. And with Drake on the other side of his amazing is that?! I sat there in awe, just watching the presentations on stage, and thinking oh my god, Drake is just one seat over, keep calm.

But that was only one of the highlights of the night...another one happened when Russell Peters got up on stage to receive his award.

And knowing Russell Peters, he was bound to make some sort of racial joke up there. And this one involved me.

After a few thank you's and whatnot, out came the jokes. He glanced at me from centre stage and then said something along the lines of 'they've even replaced Sandra Oh with another Asian! They're even racially profiling the seat fillers now!' and some other witty lines. Be sure to watch the televised show on October 23!

I couldn't stop laughing and some of the people around me started to chat with me. The one and only Roberta Bondar said to me: 'Imagine if he'd asked if you were related!' and shared a laugh after the joke. And I also had a lovely conversation with Sandra Oh's father, who mentioned his other daughter who is currently living in Vancouver.

Once Sandra got back to her seat after doing interviews and stuff, I left the front row and got to watch the remainder of the show from a seat near the middle of the theatre. Still, not bad, considering the tickets to this event ranged from $400-$1200....

After the show, I was able to talk to Russell Peters and Sandra Oh, even getting photos with them! (Sadly, Drake had already left)

Me: Hi, I'm the one you made fun of in Sandra Oh's seat. Thanks for making me a part of the show!
Russell Peters: See what I did for you there!

Me: Hi! I was your seat filler and the one in Russell Peters' joke earlier!
Sandra Oh: Oh I heard about that! How was it? I can't wait to see it.

Overall, it was such an incredible experience.

- Christina
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