Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lobster Love @ Evergreen Brick Works

Hey everyone!

I got to try my hand as a food event blogger, covering the Lobster Love event on July 19, at Evergreen Brick Works and I had a great time. Despite the fact that most of the Twitter-verse was complaining about its long wait times and lack of quality lobster, I had a positive experience -- thanks to PR specialist Shauna Ireland!

It was my first time at this cool venue - Evergreen Brick Works - and the space was great for the event. There was complimentary Alexander Keith's, plus musical entertainment on top of the main feature - main course lobster.

Here are my photos from the event -- Enjoy!

The Grid was the event's media sponsor

HUGE portion of deliciousness :)

Left photo: Shauna Ireland | Right photo: Bruce Duncan Waithe, Founder of Fuel Nutrition

Visit for more info -- and for the unhappy patrons from that night, they published an apology on their Facebook page and are offering a refund.

- Christina
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