Sunday, July 1, 2012

Macy's Pride Celebration Fashion Show in NYC - Hosted By Ross Mathews

Hey everyone!

Last week, I had a wonderful trip out to NYC for a quick summer getaway and I got to attend a Pride Week celebration at Macy's hosted by the hilarious and fabulous Ross Mathews (you may recognize him from the show Chelsea Lately). And since today was the big Pride Parade celebration here in Toronto, I thought it would be a good day to post my photos from the fashion show! There are quite a few pics, but I'm sure you'll all enjoy...who doesn't love gorgeous models?!

And to keep everyone cool on the hot, muggy day, they served cute drinks throughout the show -- complete with fruit garnishes and mini umbrellas! Adorable.

Fab feathered dancers and a drummer opened the show -- The performance was full of energy and got everyone excited!

Ross Mathews is so fun - love him!

Of course I had to get a pic with the models...

And with Ross Mathews too! I even got his autograph at the signing after the show -- plus one for my roommate since he's such a huge fan of Chelsea Lately!

Happy Pride Week everyone!

- Christina
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