Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SPOTTED | Beauty & The Beast Filming in Toronto

Last week, I literally stumbled onto the film set of the CW's Beauty and the Beast. I was interning at the Me to We Style office and went on my lunch break, only to walk down the street and notice it had been turned into a New York neighbourhood.

Here's a promo of the show, if you haven't seen/heard of it before:

There were yellow NYC cabs lined up on the Carlton Street, and once I turned onto Parliament, I came across a makeshift subway station. I didn't really clue in that the people I was walking past were actually extras in the shoot. It was pretty funny. Then I kept walking towards the Subway to get my lunch and who do I run into? Kristin Kreuk (known for her role in Smallville - and she's just as gorgeous as seen on TV)! I didn't get a photo sadly though, because they were in the middle of filming, so I just talked to her briefly and went on my way.

It was a pleasant little fabricated taste of NYC - can't wait for the real thing next month!

Here some photos I snapped with my iPhone:

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