Friday, January 2, 2015

MY LIFE | Vegas, because why not?

The day after Christmas, I joined my family on a trip to Vegas as a last-minute add-on. My sister had a softball camp out there, so it wasn't your typical Vegas vacay, but I had a pretty good time. It was relaxing, which was a change f'sho. I climbed some rocks and took some majestic photos of a random dog, I spent lots of time admiring the palm trees, and I got to see Britney Spears live at Planet Hollywood.

Take a look!

The beautiful dog I stumbled upon.

A trip to Hoover Dam!

Coins scattered over the edge above the water at Hoover Dam - so cool!

I forced my family to go to Egg was calling my name.

Ate an amazing meal at Carmine's, an NYC original!

BRITNEY. That is all.
My first concert ever was seeing Britney Spears at seven years has totally come full circle, now 15 years later!
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Until next time, Vegas!

- Christina
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