Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday May 17 was a good day on Robson Street :)

Hey guys! Well this past weekend, luck must have been on my side, because I had another celebrity encounter! So, I was killing time before meeting up the family for dinner and who do I run into? TAYLOR LAUTNER AND SELENA GOMEZ! They were nice enough to take a couple pictures with me and here's the coolest part...Selena actually remembered me from that interview from Another Cinderella Story 2 years ago! Here's a little bit of our conversation:
Me: I interviewed you when you came to my school!
Selena: Ohh yeah! Wow that was like 2 years ago...your video on youtube has so many views now!
Me: Haha yeahh! But like people are taking it and stuff...
Selena: Yeah soooo many people have taken it!

yadda yadda...
and then...they left and she said "It was nice seeing you again!"

So yeah, I'm pretty happy about this May Long weekend :)

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