Saturday, June 6, 2009

a day @ CTV

Well one day (I think it was May23, but I dont really remember lol), CTV on Burrard Street was having a free open house, so I really wanted to go! I waited in a line up outside to get inside of the studio and it was pretty cool. Once I got inside, we got to meet/talk to some of our favourite news anchors and stuff. I met Tamara Taggart, Perry Solkowski, Chris Olsen, and Rhonda Low. I asked for their advice about how to get into this industry and they were pretty helpful. So then we got to go on a tour of the studio where they do the news. We got to take a picture sitting at the newsdesk with Colleen Christie and some other guy, and they gave us a polaroid of it. That was pretty much it, but it was definitely worth going to !

Tamara Taggart

Perry Solkowski ("Perry's Prospects"

Chris Olsen ("Olsen on your side")

Rhonda Low

The Beat 94.5 was also there and I got a free CD! hahaha


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