Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm surrounded by such talented people!

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I know I haven't been able to post event coverage in quite some time, but don't worry, it's just the start of the year and I'm sure there will be lots to come! But in the meantime, I thought I'd show some appreciation for the talented people that surround me all the time - whether it's a new YouTube video or news coverage or a simple Facebook status update, it's so awesome to see the amazing things these people are doing. So here's to 2012 - another year of growing, learning, and dreaming! So proud!

Express Not To Impress (E.N.T.I)

I've watched these guys grow into such incredible and passionate dancers and I am SO proud of how far they've come - and they're only still in high school! I was lucky enough to coach them back at Sullivan Heights Secondary and I love visiting them whenever I'm back in town. Just yesterday, they competed at Breakout, a high school dance competition, and they came 2nd in the small team division. Check them out!

Laura Roy

I met this talented singer/songwriter at Encounters With Canada, a trip to Ottawa that brought Canadian students together for a week of various activities/events. Laura is from Canning, Nova Scotia and she is currently in a Music Arts program at the Nova Scotia Community College. This past summer, she even visited Ghana, where she collaborated with Ghanaian rapper Guru and produced two hip hop/r&b tracks. She also has a video entry right now on YouTube to be a contestant on Canada's Got Talent (see below) - good luck Laura!

I interviewed her a couple years ago for a previous blog post - check it out HERE

Navid Charkhi

Wow, this guy is seriously so crazy - and humble - in the dance world. I've known him since our high school dance competition days and it's so great to see he's still as awesome as ever. His choreography is so sick...AND he's in baking & pastry arts, so he's sick in the kitchen too! Check out this video (props to the other dancers in the video too!):

BRAV3 Productions

This is the company that produced Navid's video above, and I think these guys are super talented - they do photography, video, and other awesome multi-media projects. They even helped me out with a photo shoot for my clothing line (all.dun.up) and I love their work! Want to get in contact with them? Shoot an email to:

RAW Dance Crew (RiseAsWe)

I met these guys at an event in Vancouver but they're actually from Toronto! So I've gotten to hang out with them and see them at TO events as well, which is awesome. The group is made of Mikey Le, Gregory Villarico, David Forteau, and Jimmy Lin and they are based out of Rightfoot Dance Studio. Keep it up guys, can't wait to see more!

Follow them on Twitter: @RawDanceCrew & on Facebook

Jayson Araja

A fellow dancer from Vancity, and Ryerson student, Jayson is one of the most fashionable people I know. Currently a third-year Fashion Design student, he is always incredibly busy and I don't know how he does it sometimes. I've posted previous blog posts about him as well, featuring his contest entries in different competitions: TRIUMPH & Danier. I can't wait to see his designs on a runway in the future!

Scott Forsyth

Vancity is full of so many incredibly talented dancers, so I will probably continue posting videos from all of them eventually, but this guy in particular...he's so dope. I've been able to dance with him in the past, with SickStylz Symphony, and always used to see him at high school dance competitions, so I love seeing his amazing choreography on his YouTube channel - here's his most recent:


Okay, that's enough for now, but I could honestly go on and on for a while - I can't help it, I admire so many people and what they've accomplished! So this will probably become a series of posts, perhaps weekly or biweekly. So let me know if you know any talented folks who I should feature!

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