Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Voice of AEON Attire

Hey everyone!

This past month has been super hectic, with final projects for school plus a bunch of other stuff I'm involved with. One of my newest ventures has been joining the AEON Attire team!

AEON Attire, for those of you who are unfamiliar, has created the world's first fashionable pant tapering system. Getting rid of any cutting, sewing and altering your pant legs to make them slimmer, AEON tapers are a simple accessory that adds a little unique touch to any outfit.

The founders of AEON (Weiming Yuan, Weidong Yuan and Patrick Lum) created this company completely from funding earned as bboys performing on the streets. Breakdancing has helped them get where they are today and it's great to see such young entrepreneurs turning a simple idea into a business that has grown a lot since then. They've been seen on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live. and also have been featured at World of Dance and this year's Ontario Universities Competition for Hip Hop. AEON Attire can now be found in various retailers around Toronto, including Proper Reserve, Model Citizen and Timeless Apparel.

Learn more about the AEON story:
I went to the Vitaly Design event last month as an official member of the AEON team and since then have been working with them on ideas for the blog. We even made a video introducing me as the voice of AEON Attire! Check it out:

Here's my pair!

Be sure to check out AEON Attire on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and at http://www.aeonattire.com!

- Christina
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