Monday, December 31, 2012

Scotty James @ Faze Magazine's Glow Girl 2012

At Faze Magazine's Glow Girl event in December, I was reunited with a musician from Waterloo who I had interviewed during Canadian Music Week. Singer-songwriter Scotty James performed on our Faze stage and the girls were loving his charming personality and catchy songs. If you haven't heard his music yet, definitely check it out! Here's his popular single "Wanna Be Loved" -

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The Faze TV team and I did a pre-event interview with Scotty in the green room and it was a lot of fun. He even liked my red American Apparel jacket so much that we decided to switch outfits for the interview. I think he rocked it pretty well!

Here are some of my shots from his performance:

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More Glow Girl event posts to come ft. FLTF, Shawn Desman & Munro Chambers!

- Christina
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