Monday, October 21, 2013

NYC Fall 2013

As you have probably noticed, I have an ongoing love affair with New York City. It's truly the one place that makes me so happy that I can wander around aimlessly with a smile that just won't go away. I'm 100% sure that I'll be living there someday, but until then, I'm just making as many trips out there as possible.

I just got back from a visit during my fall reading week break from school, and it was beautiful over there—perfect autumn weather. Take a look at how I spent my five days in the Big Apple.

I got into NYC from Vancouver at around 1am on the Wednesday night and I had to be at the Bethenny studio for an episode taping at 8am...I was pretty much in zombie-mode but like I mentioned before, despite my lack of sleep, I was still incredibly happy. I got to be in the audience for an episode that will be airing on Tuesday, October 29th. Check out my full blog post from that experience HERE.

I got a media pass for a cool Techweek event and I had such a great experience meeting innovative entrepreneurs and enthusiastic tech folk. Also, they had a wicked awesome beer pong table...

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express for my first two nights in the city. I used Hotwire for the first time, you know, the site where you can choose secret deals and you book it without knowing exactly what you're booking. What can I say, I was feeling adventurous. It turned out really well and I had a great stay. The above picture is a cute little box that they gave for cinnamon buns. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It was so cute and delicious.

I've been writing for CollegeFashionista for just under two years now and I've loved getting to know everyone behind the successful fashion startup. While I was in the city, the CF team planned a party/meet up for any Style Gurus who were attending Teen Vogue Fashion University or who happen to be in NY. It was so nice to meet the faces behind the articles and Twitter handles! Above right: CollegeFashionista founder Amy Levin and I, she's seriously such an inspiration. She shows that hard work, persistence and passion go a long way.

Simple words to live by.

The view from the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. A friend recommended it to me during the summer but I never got a chance to check it out, so I was happy to take a peek this time around!

I covered a CMJ music festival showcase at The Brooklyn Bowl and saw some pretty stellar performances. The photo above is of In The Valley Below, a duo from LA. (Full blog posts still to come)

 A new graffiti exhibit just opened up at the Redbull Studios, called Write Of Passage and I checked it out. I loved the vibe—very cool and jam-packed with history and culture. (Full blog post coming up)


Until next time!
- Christina
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