Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Dun's Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is one week away and if you haven't already started scrambling for the perfect gifts, here are some ideas to hopefully get the ball rolling.

Holiday Donut Ornaments, $9 each [CUTE!!]


[ Reppio creates a digitally curated catalog that brings together hidden gems local retailers in NY, LA and Chicago. It combines a convenient shopping resource with a handy city guide and it brings together more than 10,000 unique items together on one site. ]

Tea Diver, $14


As a special treat for my readers, use discount code ChristinaDun4382 to save 11% off your next Shelfies purchase (discount runs until January 16th!) — If you haven't heard of Shelfies, be sure to browse their website for tons of fun products (many featuring some of your favourite food items, YUM).

I hope I gave you some helpful ideas! Good luck with the rest of your gift hunting. Happy holidays, the countdown is ON!

- Christina
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