Monday, December 2, 2013


Amongst all the craziness of work and school last month, I was also preparing for a dance competition, the Ontario Universities Competition For Hip-Hop. My days were full of training as a new barista at Starbucks, working on a TV documentary and visual merchandising at Club Monaco, while my evenings were spent with my Urban Hip Hop Union dance team on campus at Ryerson. We practiced like crazy and it really helped us bond as a crew, becoming more like a family.

I've been dancing at Ryerson since my first year. It's kind of sad that this will be my last. I've honestly had such an amazing experience meeting and dancing with these incredibly talented and caring people. I've learned a ton.

Anyways, enough of the sappiness. Back to OUCH. Leading up to the big day, we had intense practices and worked hard to get everything ready - from cleaning choreo to deciding on costumes. We came up with some pretty sick costumes if I do say so myself. Black T-shirts with a strip of plaid fabric on the bottom, light jeans, black shoes and a black hat. Simple but effective. I spent a lot of time on those T-shirts haha, my nights looked like this:

This year, the competition was held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in North York. It was so much fun, as always. And the other schools really stepped up their game. The University of Waterloo came out on top and they totally deserved it—their routine was so strong, from start to finish. Check it out:

Although we didn't place in the top 3, I am so happy with the way it turned out. We gave it our all and in the end, we got fifth place (out of 14 teams)! We also received an award for Best Music Mix, which was so cool.

Here are some pics from throughout the day -

 The judges giving all the teams a pep talk

Such an amazing experience — couldn't have asked for a better team! Much love.

- Christina
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