Sunday, April 13, 2014

MY LIFE | Vegas 2014

I haven't been to a wedding since I was a little tot in a pouffy flower girl dress so I was feeling pretty rusty when getting prepared for attending a wedding at 22. I was already pretty excited when I found out my aunt was getting married, but as a bonus, she was getting hitched in fabulous Las Vegas. I've been to Vegas before when I was younger, but there's only so much you can do as an underage tween.

In addition to my aunt putting a ring on it in Vegas last weekend, there were also tons of other big-time events going down at the same time (Academy of Country Music Awards and Michael Jordan's Celebrity Invitational, aka hello celebs!).

So I got to escape Toronto for a much-needed weekend vacation. I couldn't wait to see my family and take a break from school. Check out my Vegas experience:

We stayed at The Cosmopolitan hotel, which was more fabulous than I imagined. I went into the room to this view, so naturally, I felt like I was in heaven:

 At night:

I also fell in love with the hotel room decor:

You know who else was staying at my hotel? The one and only Juan Pablo, aka the most recent Bachelor! We ran into him and Nikki (the girl he chose in the end) outside the hotel waiting for a cab. Nice to see they're still together!

 This guy:

Juan Pablo aside, I was also obsessed with the food....

The brunch buffet at the Wicked Spoon in The Cosmopolitan was probably my favourite meal. I am a HUGE sucker for breakfast food. All day err day yo.

Time for the wedding! My little cousin is my favourite. He was the cutest ring bearer.


Had some free time to relax in style, sighhh [@ SAHRA Spa & Hammam]

Explored the hotels and saw Cirque du Soleil's 'KÀ'

Hi dad:

Obviously I had to bring out the gold, glitter and bling for a night out:

LEFT: My family likes to see how many small crevices I can fit into
RIGHT: Rockin out with KISS at John Varvatos

Fun at the Polaroid store:

Cool Porsche design display at ARIA, such a fancy schmany hotel

Definitely cannot wait to go back—this time with a group of 21+ friends.

- Christina
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