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INTERVIEW WITH: Christina Perri

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Christina Perri describes her start in the music industry as a Cinderella moment. I had the chance to sit down with the American songstress and she told me what it was like going from a waitress on June 29, 2010 to having an instant launch into stardom after her song 'Jar of Hearts' debuted on So You Think You Can Dance.

"I remember I came home and just cried for like three days," she says. "I had to process what had just happened."

Another one of her ballads, 'A Thousand Years' made it to the big screen. Her fan base continued to grow after being part of the incredibly popular Twilight franchise.

"I might not have ever pushed my comfort zone had I not been pushed out into it," she says. "I was very afraid of this, which makes me believe in the concept of doing the thing you're afraid of."

--> Most recently, she released her second album, Head or Heart, and has been touring and sharing it with the world. "I think I love this album so much emotionally because I loved making it," she says.

She had some inspiring words of advice for aspiring musicians:

"I found that so many people give up, that you should be the one that doesn't. There will come a point where you say no to something, but that's the thing you shouldn't say no to. It comes up for everybody, when you're chasing a dream of any kind. If you're the one who doesn't say no, you'll have the advantage. You can absolutely make it by just not giving up, because so many other people do."

What pushes her to keep making music?

"Writing music is something I've been doing the longest. Since I was 15. It's something I think I'll always do, but wanting to share that with other people is what I need to be inspired to do," she says. "It's the fans. They're the people that make it all worth it."

I also go to see her perform live at the Danforth Music Hall and it was magical:

I had goosebumps for the majority of the show.

Keep an eye out for the full article in the summer issue of Faze Magazine!

- Christina
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