Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Week 5

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Five weeks in. I definitely have those moments of Is this real life?!

Here's what I got up to September 22-28:

 Press at the First Ladies Luncheon

 The highly anticipated Alexandre Plokohov (Helmut Lang) x UNIQLO collab dropped this week. I went to check it out for a friend and ended up buying the most comfortable sweatpants ever. Buy them >HERE<

I walk by these two sites every day on my way to class and I love them. The first one, is 666 Bond Street. The number 6 has always been pretty prominent in my life (I constantly find myself on floor sixes in any given building - if curious, feel free to ask....). The second photo is just this cool squiggly wall thing. Not exactly sure what the building itself is. Note to self: find out.

 My fun assignment for my reporting class this week was a video profile. And since most of my decisions in life revolve around food, my first thought that came to mind was something involving awesome food. I chose to profile Sarah Sanneh, one of the co-founders of my newfound fave eatery, Pies 'N' Thighs in Williamsburg. I spent a rainy morning at their cute restaurant and had a blast. Here's the final product:

 And for fun, a couple outfits from the week.

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