Monday, September 8, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Weeks 1 & 2

Originally, I wanted to do a weekly video giving you guys updates on my NYC life, but honestly there's just not enough time in this world for that......SO I'll be posting every couple weeks on my blog with photos from what I've been getting up to (fair warning, it will probably always involve food). I love exploring the city, so I'll definitely share some of the stellar spots that I stumble upon.

Weeks 1 & 2: August 24 - September 7

Left: Heck yes 
Right: Reunited with my pals from last summer

LEFT: NYU has this awesome machine in the bookstore, where you swipe your ID card and it takes 5 seconds to print out a list of all the books you require for your classes...GENIUS.
RIGHT: A look into the sweet little lounge for grad students living in residence
LEFT: Hot dogs have become very common in my life. An obsession with Crif Dogs has come as a result of an introduction from a friend. If you go, the 'Good Morning' is my FAVE (it's wrapped in bacon on a fried egg....)
RIGHT: Got caught in my first flash flooding. I just finished up at the library and was stuck for a while. I made my way home by hopping between building crevices every so often.
A visitor! I ran into my friend from Toronto, randomly I might add. Seriously, it's moments like these when I don't think NYC is very big at all.

ALL: Please Don't Tell (PDT) is a speakeasy I've been dying to try. You need to make reservations to get in, since it's so small. It's located inside Crif Dogs (yes, where you get those delicious hot dogs as seen above) behind an old school telephone booth. It's pretty rad.

 LEFT: I found Dumpling Kingdom...someone hold me back.
RIGHT: My first official visitor! My TO gal Tanya swung by to say yo.

In love with this place, Milon Bangladesh Indian Restaurant. The entire ceiling is decorated like this and it's amazing.

LEFT: A cool Vimeo'd subway
RIGHT: Tembo, the giant elephant in the Milk Studios entrance, in support of saving the elephants. This is with the help of the Clinton Foundation — and Chelsea Clinton actually tweeted at me after I posted my pic!

This was definitely a moment to remember: a friend and I were just chilling in Washington Square Park and all of a sudden, a gang of ballin bikes rolls through and stops by the fountain in the middle. All this while bumping hip hop tunes. They stopped and made the music louder for a bit and were doing some sort of intense discussing. Their vests said 'Big Ballers Bike Club.' Shortly after, they were ready to bounce, but making sure they did a lap around the fountain before doing so. It was such a sight. This is how I wish I could always make an entrance.

Anyways, that was a wrap-up of my first two weeks here in New York City!

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