Friday, December 12, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Week 15

December sure came quick. Here's Dec. 1 - 7:

 Holiday market at Union Square!

Teen Vogue Handbook book signing ft. Teen Vogue editors, Man Repeller & Phillip Lim -- Full post HERE.

LEFT: An accurate fortune. | RIGHT: Got to play with this cutie at a therapy dog event on campus as a stress reliever during finals.

New glasses from Tortoise & Blonde!

Found some cool street art and thus copied its pose.

Tons of protests have been taking place throughout America since the no indictment decision in Ferguson. And then with Eric Garner on Staten Island and numerous other accounts of police brutality, the protests have been gaining momentum and support. It's incredible to see so many people coming together to fight for one cause. Here are some pics I snapped from a protest I stumbled upon that was making its way through Macy's & H&M.

One of the protest photos I tweeted even ended up being used in this BuzzFeed article:

Back it up:

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