Thursday, March 21, 2013

Canadian Music Week 2013

Toronto is currently the hub of all things music and fashion related. With well-dressed Torontonians at David Pecaut Square at the World Mastercard Fashion Week tents and hip, urban music industry types and artists taking over The Marriott hotel (this year's CMW headquarters), the city is bustling with things to do.

Canadian Music Week kicked off on Tuesday, March 19 and goes until Sunday. There are tons of shows, venues and conferences to check out throughout the city - a little too many if you ask me (I wish there were five of me so I could go to every show I want...but I'll have to make do haha...).

So many, right?!

I'm covering CMW again this year for Faze Magazine (check out last year's coverage HERE) and I'm excited to meet some awesome people and see some wicked performances.

This is how I always have to plan out my schedule at this time of year:

I've done a couple interviews already so far - keep an eye out for those articles on!

This was my set up yesterday at The Marriott:

For more info on Canadian Music Week, check out

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