Thursday, March 21, 2013

EVENT | A$AP Rocky hosts FA$HION KILLAH in Toronto

I swear, everything happens at the exact same time and is always conflicting with each other.

This week is both Canadian Music Week and Toronto Fashion Week - which is very inconvenient for someone like myself who would love to attend both. But this year, I'm focusing more on the music side. So when I came across this event that brought the two together, I jumped on the chance to attend.

As a part of CMW, Rihanna came to town and played two sold out shows this past Monday and Tuesday at the ACC. And she brought along A$AP Rocky - my fave.

On Monday night, following his performance opening up for RiRi, A$AP hosted a Toronto Fashion Week launch party at Maison Mercer, presented by The Coveteur, Thomas Neary and Belvedere Vodka.

I've been fortunate enough to see A$AP perform live twice (last year at Osheaga and this past February in NYC), so I was okay with going to an event where he was just going to be partying the night away.

Here's his song "Fashion Killa" for your enjoyment:

Check out my photos from the event:

He's just so cool.

- Christina
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