Thursday, March 20, 2014

MY LIFE | The Ryersonian & Hump Day Heroes

My final semester as a Ryerson journalism student started off with an internship at ET Canada, which lasted six weeks. Once that ended, I had to head back to campus and fulfill six weeks as a part of the masthead of The Ryersonian, a weekly campus publication. Now in my fourth week, it's been an interesting experience.

My classmates and I make up the entire masthead and we each have specific roles. I landed the position of Live Managing Editor, where I manage the live blogs on the website and manage the social media accounts — right up my alley. So it's been a good time. I also work closely with the online managing editor, as well as the rest of the team.

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And we also have quite a bit of creative freedom, which is nice. We're encouraged to pursue projects that we enjoy, which led to the creation of Hump Day Heroes. My friend David and I decided to start up our own dating/love advice web video series. Every Wednesday, we answer a question from a Ryerson student, bringing our own opinions as well as other notable Ryerson voices to answer them.

Here are the first two episodes - enjoy and let us know what you think:

We're always in need to love/dating/relationship questions/topic suggestions so send 'em over!!

Anyways, so my life has completely been consumed by The Ryersonian, since this is basically like a full-time job. Fun.

We also like to unintentionally coordinate our outfits.

We like to keep things fun in the newsroom. 

Ps, I'm so close to graduating, it's terrifying.

- Christina
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