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Yndi Ferreira, or better known as Dream Koala, makes music to inspire change in the world. His latest EP, Earth. Home. Destroyed., takes place in the future, where he hopes to see a difference in the way things are moving. “I really wanted to write about saving the planet and to change our mentality and think about our environment.”

Originally from Paris, the 20-year-old producer made his first trip onto Canadian soil to perform at the Osheaga music festival in Montreal on August 1. He hit the electronic stage and brought his energetic and ambient sound. His music brings together a mixture of genres, which he says comes from listening to so many different types growing up, ranging from traditional Brazilian music to metal and jazz.

He compares making music to cooking. “I take what I like from the songs and artists I listen to and try to make my own stuff with it,” says Dream Koala. “I take different ingredients and make something new. If my music was food, it would probably be a salad, like seaweed with fruits. It would be something weird.”

And what about the story behind his name? “I wanted to give myself an animal name but I had to find the right animal. I found out that koalas sleep 20 hours a day and they dream most of the time,” he says. “I like to think of dreaming like being in another dimension and I want my music to remind us of that dreamlike state.”

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