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I sat down with the guys of The Glitch Mob earlier this month in Montreal, where we chatted about their new album, the world of EDM and the ever-growing Glitch Mob community. Made up of Josh "Ooah," Justin "Boreta" and Ed "edIT," this LA-based trio has been working hard on making their music known worldwide.

Check out some of the interview below:

Earlier this year, you released your second album, Love Death Immortality – what went into the making of it?

Justin: It was about a two-year process where we had been touring our previous album and decided to stop and take everything we learned on the road and put it back into our new record. The focus for us is always on the emotion and the story and feeling of a song. This time, we put it into a package that was ready to be performed live and toured. It sounded like music that was engineered for the live stage and had the energy of the drama of a big live show we wanted to put on.

Has your sound changed at all since the first one?

Ed: For the first record, we really had no idea what it would sound like performed live. We went off on our own and did our own thing and wrote a very creative record that was probably best experienced on a home sound system or in a car. It was a very personal record. It was challenging to figure out how to perform Drink The Sea on the festival circuit and I think at the end of that tour cycle we finally got it. I think going into writing Love Death Immortality, we were thinking how to best keep all the amazing storytelling aspects of Drink The Sea but bring it back to our roots of having the tunes really work well in massive festival environments. We wanted to be able to translate that energy and "epicness." That was the biggest difference between the first album and this album.

It’s great to see how you guys do so much on your own and are very independent when it comes to the way you do everything — was that the plan all along?

Josh: It just sort of happened. Over the years of writing music and playing shows, we learned how to do it all on our own. We used to book all our shows, we managed ourselves, we did everything. We’re still one hundred per cent independent and we own our own record label.

Ed: And it’s something that we take pride in. We love doing it on our own. We don’t have ghost writers and we won’t have anyone helping us out. We write all our own music, we build our live sets, we're very hands-on and we do our social media. We’re so particular, that when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself to get the best results.

Josh: We love that part of it.

You mentioned social media. What's the importance of building this relationship with fans online?

Justin: We have a really close connection with our fans that’s been going on since day one. We used to get up on the mic at the end of the show in 2006 and say: shout out  our MySpace page. It’s always been that way. We would print out stacks of CDs and hand them out. Social media is just another way to connect with people. We consider the whole experience as a collective experience. A Glitch Mob show for us is like a big ship that everyone is in together and we make music and play it, but we’re really just there to facilitate experiences for other people. It’s really important for us to do everything. Everything you see that comes out, from the merchandise to the way the stage looks to the way tweets are worded, comes from our voice. All of this stuff is part of who we are creatively.

Ed: Glitch Mob is a fan experience project. Although the three of us are the literal Glitch Mob, the ones writing the music, the ones performing the music, we look at the collective hundreds of thousands of people out there around the world as the all-inclusive Glitch Mob. We’re channeling the collective story we’re all telling together.

Justin, Ed, Josh
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