Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Week 7

Photo by Christina Dun
This week was a busy one. Class field trips ranged from throughout the city all the way to New Orleans. What a week. [October 6 - 12]

For my reporting class, we had a special guest teacher for a hands-on photojournalism lesson. It was really cool to have award-winning photographer Lori Grinker show us the ropes (she was boxer Mike Tyson's personal photographer!) - she took us to the Aperture Foundation gallery in Chelsea for a field trip and a photo walk along the Highline.

I stopped by Factory PR's SS15 market preview and of course my faves were at the Betsey Johnson display. Ever since witnessing Betsey do her signature cartwheel IRL down the runway, I'm even more in love with her.

 I was walking around in Chelsea, on my way home, and I stumbled upon a blocked off street and people waiting around anxiously. I asked a security guard "what's going on?" and he replied with "the president is over there." No big deal.

I waited around a little while and I got to witness the craziness that is Obama making an exit. There were SO many vehicles that just followed one after the other. It was pretty darn cool. Got to see THE Obama. NBD.

Milk toast
A friend of mine told me about milk toast and sent me this video via Eater, which claims that this milk toast is better than a donut. So naturally, I had to test it out for myself. I gotta say, it was definitely wonderful, but I'm still partial to those donuts from Pies 'N' Thighs that I raved about in a previous blog post. So in terms of dessert hierarchy, here's where they stand in my books
1. Pecan Butter Crunch donut from Pies N Thighs
2. Milk Toast from Uncle Boons
3. Everything else
For my reporting class, we went on a trip to New Orleans for the weekend to explore stories of our choice. I chose to look into the next generation of brass band street music and got to experience a Second Line parade first-hand - which was the craziest thing EVER. I'll be doing a separate blog post for my NOLA experience, so here are just a couple pics to give you an idea.


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