Friday, October 31, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Week 9

So I ended up getting sick in week 9, resulting in a not-as-exciting array of photos haha. Here you go though: Oct. 20-26

Left: Just a typical day at NYU, practicing some on-camera skillz. | Right: Fall outfit post!

 It was the CMJ Music Marathon, but due to illness, I didn't end up making it out to many shows sadly.

 However, running into this sweetheart made up for it. Like seriously. The cutest.

 Left: Discovered a bruleed cappuccino [@ Kopi Kopi] | Right: And breakfast pizza is a thing. [@ 10 Devoe, Brooklyn]

 Most exciting part of the week, I had a mini college reunion! Yay Canadians.

 The beautiful campus view. Sigh.

Here's my assignment from NYU this week:

Back it up:
 Week 8 

- Christina
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