Monday, November 24, 2014

MY LIFE | NYC Week 13

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Well this was an exciting week! I went from firing rifles to having a Dun fam jam in NYC. 
Here's Nov.17-23:

 My visit to West Point Military Academy - full post HERE

 This week's food attempt: a pretty kick-ass pizza (current obsession: mozzarella & pesto)

Funny moments this week:
LEFT: My creative writing teacher randomly brought us wine and Insomnia cookies to enjoy during class. Amazing.
RIGHT: My dad's biggest concern before visiting.

New restaurant discoveries
ABOVE: The Mermaid Inn - stellar clam pasta
BELOW: The Smile - delicious and healthy brunch

 Fun w/ the fam

 Had to make a visit to Max Brenner - YUM

 Mom & Jeff Koons

 Checked out the 9/11 memorial and it's incredible.

 One World Trade Center

 The fam, minus one sibling.

LEFT: Da Marcella (great spot on a budget for NYU students!)
RIGHT: Lol I made my mom do my signature face

The Wren - I walk by this place all the time and finally got the chance to stop in for brunch; it was the cutest!

Back it up:
- Christina
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