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SNEAK PEEK: Kollar Clothing S/S 2013


Last year, I had the opportunity to attend Kollar Clothing's Autumn & Fall fashion show (view that blog post HERE) and since then I've been following their journey to success in the fashion world. From intricate detailing and stunning tailoring, Kollar Clothing is definitely a clothing line to keep an eye on.

A bit about Kollar Clothing:



Kollar Clothing is an art form rather than piece of cloth that is worn. Most of our time is spent on perfecting the fit and the construction of the garments. Each piece is made for the bold individual, to create a unique garment with details only a good eye can catch. Our aim is to separate ourselves from the ordinary and create garments with no rules or boundaries. Kollar Clothing only distributes the garments to handpicked boutiques with a strong sense of lifestyle, to keep the richness of the brand alive. Kollar is not only a lifestyle but a brand where unusual details meet incomparable fabrics.
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The highly anticipated release of Kollar Clothing's S/S 2013 collection will be featuring shorts, denim pants, tank tops, t-shirts, V-necks, button-ups, crew neck sweaters and hoodies. This new collection involves a lot of settled double stitch dye to match threads, which is only visible up close. That's something I love about their clothing - it all comes down to the details and thought that went into each piece. They also use reverse sides of unique fabrics for garments to showcase a more washed-out vintage look.

Check out some sneak peek shots of the S/S 2013 collection:

And for retailers in North America: Kollar Clothing is currently taking submissions from boutiques interested in carrying their line in stores!

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