Friday, July 19, 2013

The Day I Met Michael Cera

One of the many reasons why I love New York is that you can stumble upon the most random and awesome things without even trying. On Sunday, July 14th, my friend and I went for lunch at a cute Mediterranean restaurant in the West Village and on our way back to the NYU dorm, we walked past the IFC Center (an independent movie theatre) that happened to have a huge sign that said "MICHAEL CERA IN PERSON." Obviously we had to stop and check it out. Conveniently, there was going to be a screening of Michael Cera's new film Crystal Fairy that night, plus a Q&A with the director Sebastian Silva and the great Michael himself.

We bought our tickets immediately.

When we came back to the theatre for show time, they had just started creating a line up...and guess who got to be first in line? We were stoked.

Guess who we also spotted at the theatre on her way out from seeing another film? Julia Stiles!

 We got front row seats and it was actually such a great film - I definitely recommend it!

Then Sebastian Silva and Michael Cera came to the front of the room and took questions from the audience. They are such cool, chill guys. Michael is just so awkward, I love it.

And yes, we met.
Oh how I love NYC.

- Christina
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