Friday, July 5, 2013

One Direction x Office Depot | #Together Against Bullying

Photo by Christina Dun
Last week, I had an interesting event invite through Racked. The insanely popular British boy band One Direction has teamed up with Office Depot for an anti-bullying Back To School campaign and has released a line of school supplies featuring their lovely faces.

From notebooks and nail polish to binders and even cardboard cutouts to keep you company while studying ("Study Buddies" they're called), tweens are bound to get an early start on buying their school supplies.

Each of the boys has a particular word:

So I was invited on behalf of Racked to take part in a One Direction adventure. I met up with a small group of other media attendees and the lovely PR reps and we had dinner together before departing to Long Island. We were actually all pretty excited to have our first 1D concert experiences.

The biggest surprise of the evening was our form of transportation, in the spirit of Back To School...

Yup, we rode in style.

It was actually so funny. Imagine a regular-sized (no, not one of those mini half-sized ones) yellow school bus for six people, let alone six twenty-something media gals. It was pretty great. We were even given a One Direction concert survival pack: A Kipling backpack filled with the essentials - snacks, glow sticks, umbrella, rain poncho, earplugs and of course our very own 1D+OD products (we each got a notebook and wristband).

Now onto the concert. To be totally honest, I never really got into the whole One Direction obsession, but after seeing them live, how could I not fall in love? They're the cutest.

They even did their best New York accents. Adorable. 

In the end, it was definitely an interesting night. I had a blast!

SIDE NOTE: The day before the concert, I totally ran into Niall in the West Village. He was just getting into his car, but I was able to snag a friendly and awkward wave from him. *sighhhhhh

To shop to full 1D+OD line & find out more about the cause, click HERE for the details.

- Christina
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  1. I harbor a secret love for 1D (which may not be so secret) so I loved reading this! Super cool that you got to see them :)