Monday, July 8, 2013

NYC Summer 2013 | Week 6 In Photos

Week 6 was full of lots of good food, nightlife excitement and a gorgeous rooftop.

I just love this city so much.

Shake Shack! YUM.

Le Bain at The Standard - seriously the coolest place ever. A disco ball AND a jacuzzi?!

 Cool plants at Southside...

 BRGR - so good.

First 4th of July fireworks experience in NYC!

 Brunch, the best meal of the day.

 I fell in love with the 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture' exhibit at The Met.

Left: The Met rooftop is amazing (Photo cred: Brian DiCaprio) | Right: Proof that I made some friends here (Photo from Kristen)

There is a speakeasy behind a phone booth inside Crif Dogs, I'm defs checking it out next week!
 Aaaaand one more meal, why not.

- Christina
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