Sunday, July 14, 2013

EVENT | Storefront Pop-Up Launch Party

I'm a huge fan of pop-up shops—they're always different, have a cool atmosphere and make you feel like you've found some secret gold mine. (You can find tons of my pop-up shop experiences sprinkled throughout my blog, from Philip Sparks in Toronto to BaubleBar in NYC )

But what goes into creating these unique retail spots? Well first of all, you have to find a location that is open to renting for short periods of time, which can often be a struggle for aspiring business owners. Thanks to companies like Storefront, a marketplace for finding short-term retail space, that process can be a little bit easier.

Here's a video for more info:

Storefront held a New York pop-up launch party last week and I was excited to check it out. I mean, they claimed to be having a slo-mo video booth, so really, how could I say no?

Check out some pics from the party held at Openhouse Bowery:

 Moustache straws. Bonus.

 Frame from the slo-mo video! Apparently we'll have access to them in a couple weeks. They're actually hilarious...I'm pumped.
 This photo kills me, I look like an overly happy child. Seriously. And that's my friend Brian to the right.

Be sure to check out and find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Thanks for having me!
- Christina
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  1. BTW - You made the video. Thanks for coming out!

    1. I had a blast! Where can we find the videos?

    2. You and Brad Pitt!