Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Social Media Week NYC 2014 | Part 3

Thursday Cont'd
Thursday night I headed out to Brooklyn for an event hosted by Revolt TV & Huge Inc. at The Dumbo Loft and it had an awesome vibe. The venue was really cool and there were drinks and snacks.

Joe McCaffrey of Huge interviewed Jake Katz, VP of Audience Insights & Strategy at Revolt TV.
"Revolt is a multi-platform TV network that was recently launched this past October by Sean Combs. It aims to be “the go-to source for music content, like ESPN is for sports,” explains Jake Katz.
An interesting point that came up was the importance of knowing your audience and how to strengthen your social media presence. Katz adds, “You can create a real meaningful experience on one platform” rather than stretch across as many as possible.

Dope music provided by Hannah Rad, DJ and host on Revolt TV

Special performance by NYC duo ASTR!

Lunch: Beyond Sushi - it was actually really good!

On Friday, there was only one series of sessions I was most interested in and it was presented by Spotify. The first guest was Jason Flom of Lava records who spoke about the success story of New Zealand Grammy winner Lorde.

"She hasn't had the experience of not having a #1 record" - Jason Flom
He even added how she's like an "anti-Bieber."

Next up was a "Music Discovery" panel ft:
Dave Altraescu - New Markets Lead, Spotify
Julia Willinger - VP of A&R, Mom and Pop
Liv Buli - Data Journalist, Next Big Sound
J.Period - Mixtape DJ and Hip Hop Producer
Piotr Orlov - Moderator, of Raspberry Jones

A few of the artists they mentioned as new and up and coming are: Blake Mills, Priscilla Renea and Duane The Teenage Weirdo

The next session was probably one of my favourites from the entire week:
'A New Streaming Landscape for Musicians' ft:
Michele Santucci, Label Relations at Spotify
Matthew Perpetua, Editor of Buzzfeed Music
Elliott Wilson, CEO of Rap Radar
Jesse Kirshbaum, CEO of NUE (Moderator of the panel)

"New artists have to make sure they're active and out there or else they'll be forgotten." - Elliott Wilson

"It's an exciting time right now," says Michele Santucci. "I can't even listen to enough music in a day and feel satisfied."  

Overall I had such a great time - Thanks again for having me SMW!
- Christina
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