Sunday, April 1, 2012

CMW: Chad Price

London musician Chad Price was not always on the path towards the life of a singer-songwriter. After completing a degree at Brock University, his hobby of playing guitar at the age of nine years old, turned into a passion that he had to pursue.
His music is a blend of different styles, from R&B/soul to pop-rock and even a bit of country. He compares his sound to the likes of Jason Mraz, John Meyer, and John Legend.
His debut album, In This Dream, was just released in earlier this year, and is the product of a lot of hard work and determination. He was fortunate enough to get to work with producer Bill Bell, who has worked with numerous music talents including Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, and Tom Cochrane.
“I took my demo to Bill Bell, my first choice producer, and I did not expect him to say that he loved my stuff. But as soon as I sent it to him, he replied the next day and was like ‘come to Toronto, I love it, let’s get an album done.’ So I was sort of pinching myself that my first-choice producer said yes.”
Half of it was recorded at Orange Lounge Studio in Toronto, but Bell later moved down to LA, so Price flew out there to finish the rest. And it turned out great.

This year, he returned to Canadian Music Week for a showcase at Czehoski on March 24. As his second time as a part of CMW, he came with more experience and felt more comfortable this time around.
And as a Canadian artist, he is proud of where Canada stands in the music industry.
“There are so many great bands coming out of Canada that are blowing up on an international scene and I think that we’re in a good spot right now musically globally, there’s a lot of great musicians coming out of here and I hope to be a part of that.”
He is currently planning a spring/summer tour, so be sure to stay updated by checking out his website!
Here is his latest single, “Another Day”
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